My speaking experience includes moderating a panel between editors of AOL and the Huffington Post (pre-merger) called¬† “How We’re Living Now: Welcome to the New Economy;” giving a lecture on Orwell to an at-capacity audience at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, sharing my battle-hardened lessons from producing news videos on the road to a packed audience at the conference of the American Society of Journalists and Authorsrs (ASJA) in New York; and presenting my talk “The Journalist as Entrepreneur” to New York Women in Communications (NYWIC) at AOL (audio here). In November 2014, I spoke in the Council of Europe to over 500 people, discussed the democracy movement in Ukraine, and had fun shooting down a Russian heckler who claimed to be from Ukraine despite speaking with a Moscow dialect; video here:


To commemorate the 80th anniversary of Stalin’s genocide famine in Ukraine, I was invited on a two-week university lecture tour of Canada in November 2013 to present my book Orwell and The Refugees: The Untold Story of Animal Farm.¬† In June 2014, I moderated a panel of Eastern European and social media experts at the Personal Democracy Forum at New York University, a leading technology conference. I’ve been invited to speak about the Ukraine crisis at Columbia University, the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations, York College, and various media outlets in the US and abroad. I’ve given presentations in museums and institutes in Chicago, New York, London, and Kyiv on topics as diverse as political art to American cinema.

My public speaking experience began as the Director of Entertainment for UC Davis where I organized a sold-out lecture by President Bill Clinton and introduced him on stage; hair nostalgia video of that will be available here soon.